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  • I strongly recommend MACES for anyone trying to do their higher studies abroad, trust me you are going to love it.

    Ashiqur Rahman
    • Ashiqur Rahman
    • Oregon State University
  • Keep up the good work MACES

    Sana Rahman
    • Sana Rahman
  • Their speciality is the personalized support to each student

    Nafis Tahshish Islam
    • Nafis Tahshish Islam
    • Coventry University
  • They are helping students with honesty and with their full effort.

    Muhammad Shahinur Rahman Fatemee
    • Muhammad Shahinur Rahman Fatemee
    • Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU)
  • Probably one of the best agencies so far! They are really helpful and friendly and they actually care about your future goals!

    Adnan Talukdar
    • Adnan Talukdar
    • Taylor’s University
  • I wanted to set myself apart from the crowd, so I thought pursuing an LLB program after graduation would give me a competitive edge while starting out my career. MACES helped me in a number of ways initially. I didn’t have enough time before starting my application as I was a student at another university. In fact, I didn’t have all the necessary documents for my application as I didn’t complete my graduation at the time. When I started initially, MACES did everything to keep me motivated and tried to assist me from their level best. I was able to complete my application at the very last minute just because of the cooperation from MACES. Truly speaking, wherever I am standing right now, I am thankful to MACES for their valued contribution during that intense moment. I must say that choosing MACES as my agent was one of my best decisions so far. My best wishes are always with MACES.

    Mofizur Rahman Hridoy
    • Mofizur Rahman Hridoy
    • Unuversity of the West of England Bristol
  • It was a life-long dream of mine to come to study in USA for my higher education. MACES is the one who helped me to fulfill that dream. In my opinion, MACES is the best educational consultancy in Bangladesh. They have partner institutions in many countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia and Japan. MACES works faster than any other agency. I am really very thankful to Rouham Bhaia and Amena Apu for helping me apply to one of the best colleges in USA - Florida Atlantic University. After coming here I also gave information about MACES to some of my other friends. They are already on their way to apply abroad with the help of MACES. They help the students with each and every single thing when applying. So therefore, I want to say that for all the students who are wishing to apply abroad, MACES will be the best option for you.

    Shayok Ukil
    • Shayok Ukil
    • Florida Atlantic University
  • At the very beginning, I didn't have a good opinion about the education consultancies and institutes in Bangladesh, since I have seen and heard many bad reviews and visited some horrendous institutions myself and had a fairly bad impression about all of them. Then someone recommended MACES to me and I was quite reluctant but decided to give it a shot and I think it was one of the best decisions I have made till now. They checked all my boxes starting from environment, behavior, enthusiasm, hard work and dedication. As a student, I didn't have much idea about the universities and the application process looked like a really big hassle to me but they made it look so easy and simple, helping me look for the perfect university and the perfect scholarship. Hats off they did it brilliantly and efficiently. Had a fantastic experience with them and I strongly recommend them for anyone trying to do their higher studies abroad, trust me you are going to love it.

    Ashiqur Rahman
    • Ashiqur Rahman
    • Oregon State University
  • MACES is the best consulting firm in Bangladesh. I am thankful to them for showing me right options on right time. They are really very supportive. So if anyone have any question about studying abroad ask them!!!!!!!!

    Shohag Ahmed
    • Shohag Ahmed
    • Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU)
  • Choosing MACES as my agent for my undergrad has been by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. From selecting the right university for me to getting my US student visa done, MACES helped me in every step of the way. After getting rejected from the US embassy for the first time, I had lost all hopes of going to USA for my higher studies but MACES motivated me and encouraged me to stand for a second time. With their guidance, I have now secured my spot to go to University of South Florida to complete my bachelor's degree. Would not have been possible if MACES was not there. Thank you MACES.P.S. special credit goes to Rouham Uncle and Asik Bhaia, you both helped me a lot. Thank you.

    Mihal Maruf
    • Mihal Maruf
    • University of South Florida
  • A big thanks to MACES for being there beside me and my friend. Thank you for all your support, counseling and guidance. You made our dreams come true! Especial Thanks to Rouham Bhaiya and Asik Bhaiya.

    Zarin Tasnim Gias
    • Zarin Tasnim Gias
    • University of Nottingham
  • One of the best organizations in Bangladesh for advising students regarding study abroad. Best thing of this- These people are helping students with honesty and with their full effort.

    Muhammad Shahinur Rahman Fatemee
    • Muhammad Shahinur Rahman Fatemee
    • Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU)
  • MACES was an excellent help for my application for higher studies abroad. I believe many people understand that, the whole application process for foreign universities can be daunting task for students. In my case however MACES has provided the right advice and guidance through each step of the way and I made the transition very seamlessly. I am sure that this is case for many others as the professionals in MACES are sincere in following the correct guide-lines in both university and visa applications. I highly recommend MACES if you are looking to study abroad and your university of choice is enlisted in MACES.

    Soumitro Kumar
    • Soumitro Kumar
    • University of Nottingham
  • I was always skeptical about the educational agencies in Dhaka until I came across MACES. They have always been exceptionally encouraging as well as realistic at the same time, which rendered me to trust them. Applying abroad is made easy and fun here!

    Tamanna Alam Navila
    • Tamanna Alam Navila
    • Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU)
  • Good and friendly service from the MACES team 

    Serajul Haque
    • Serajul Haque
    • University of Surrey
  • I'd recommend MACES to those people who are especially planning to go to UK. They deal with some great universities in the world. And guess what it's free!!!

    Muhtasim Ali
    • Muhtasim Ali
    • City University London
  • I would definitely recommend MACES if anybdy want to study abroad. The service here is wonderful. Best of luck MACES.

    Tahmina Amin
    • Tahmina Amin
    • Kingston University
  • The support given to me by MACES has been the crucial stepping stone in my path to joining this Coventry University. MACES has not only helped me through the process of admission they have given me mental support throught out this process which I believe is very important for students at that stage of their academic careers. This is a great establishment which helps students embark on their new journeys and they are the best at it. So why not start with the best?

    Shayer Zayeem
    • Shayer Zayeem
    • Coventry University
  • Could not have come this far if it wasn't for MACES. Thank you for the amazing help! I'll always be grateful 

    Nameesha Hussain
    • Nameesha Hussain
    • George Mason University
  • Great place and the people are really friendly and provide great service! Great stuff!

    Mahathir Md Irkan
    • Mahathir Md Irkan
    • Coventry University

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