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    we care for you

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    our solutions for you are personal to you



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  • It would have been really difficult without your support

    Sunehera Sarwat
    • Sunehera Sarwat
    • University of Nottingham
  • Could not have come fat if it wasn't for MACES

    Nameesha Hussain
    • Nameesha Hussain
    • George Mason University
  • Choosing the right consulting firm is a crucial decision and MACES consulting firm should be any student’s first option when it comes to studying abroad.

    Zubayer Sayeed
    • Zubayer Sayeed
    • Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU)
  • most transparent and best educational consultancy of Bangladesh

    Tahmidul Islam
    • Tahmidul Islam
    • Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU)
  • Want to study abroad? Let MACES know. They'll take care of it

    Rais Ahmad Rashid
    • Rais Ahmad Rashid
    • Coventry University
  • It would be a regrettable life if I didn't find MACES at the right time. Couldn't say anything more but MACES. They made my dream true. Thanks to Almighty Allah &thanks to MACES.

    Sayem Sarkar
    • Sayem Sarkar
    • Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU)
  • It was a life-long dream of mine to come to study in USA for my higher education. MACES is the one who helped me to fulfill that dream. In my opinion, MACES is the best educational consultancy in Bangladesh. They have partner institutions in many countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia and Japan. MACES works faster than any other agency. I am really very thankful to Rouham Bhaia and Amena Apu for helping me apply to one of the best colleges in USA - Florida Atlantic University. After coming here I also gave information about MACES to some of my other friends. They are already on their way to apply abroad with the help of MACES. They help the students with each and every single thing when applying. So therefore, I want to say that for all the students who are wishing to apply abroad, MACES will be the best option for you.

    Shayok Ukil
    • Shayok Ukil
    • Florida Atlantic University
  • Thanks to each and everyone in MACES team for helping us in every possible ways! Things would have been difficult without all the support and help we got. Thank you! 

    Sadia Shabnam
    • Sadia Shabnam
    • University of Nottingham
  • MACES is the kind of agency that will help you find a university that is the most suited to your personality!

    Maisha Basharat Zakaria
    • Maisha Basharat Zakaria
    • Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU)
  • MACES is really a committed organization that excels in channeling students according to their respective aim. While studying in a multicultural university in Japan,I feel really obliged to them for giving me such valuable track for my lustrous future.

    Tuhin Hossain
    • Tuhin Hossain
    • Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU)
  • MACES has been a great help to me for choosing my university in the UK. A lot of people have a misconception of agencies taking extra money from students for sending them, perhaps some do, however MACES doesn't. They have helped me in each step of my path from giving proper guidance to how to write a personal statement, to applying for my visa. It was a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend more people to choose abroad for higher education.

    Sadia Salsabil
    • Sadia Salsabil
    • Queen Mary University
  • One fine morning of July '14 I entered into MACES' office in Gulshan...Little did I know how MACES would change my life forever..."The best of the best"- as I would simply say about MACES...Being clear, transparent and helpful to the client, MACES helped me and loads of other ambitious young people to catch the star we wanted to in life...If you are ambitious and a bright-future hunter, I must recommend MACES for you...Just step into MACES' office and you will be able to change your life!!!Thank you MACES for all that you have done for me...

    Azmaeen Atiq
    • Azmaeen Atiq
    • Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU)
  • I'd recommend MACES to those people who are especially planning to go to UK. They deal with some great universities in the world. And guess what it's free!!!

    Muhtasim Ali
    • Muhtasim Ali
    • City University London
  • I'm now studying at a top 5 university in England with full scholarship, monthly stipend, round trip airfare, study travel allowance, thesis grant and even warm clothing allowance! If you want something similar, go to MACES

    Shirazoom Munira
    • Shirazoom Munira
  • I started my application for University of Nottingham on my own and got accepted. But things started getting more and more difficult to manage and communication with the University was not efficient at all. MACES provided excellent service with immediate replies and effective advice. Reduced my stress and worries to nil. And everything without any fees! A great thumbs-up!

    Moutushi Banik
    • Moutushi Banik
    • University of Nottingham
  • Good and friendly service from the MACES team 

    Serajul Haque
    • Serajul Haque
    • University of Surrey
  • The services are extremely helpful and informative. Not only do they thoroughly help but they also let us know what needs to be done beforehand in order to be organised and prepare for certain deadlines. All the members are also very friendly.

    Wasif Siddiqui
    • Wasif Siddiqui
    • Coventry University
  • Selecting MACES as my agent for my postgraduate studies was by far the best decision ever! From the application process to the end result, they were a great help every step of the way. MACES is a very professional agency (with an impressive office) and everyone is extremely friendly! It did not matter what time of the day it was, MACES was there to answer every single concern/query - whenever needed. They have an in-depth understanding about the complexities of university procedure/paperwork, and are dedicated to finding the University that is the right fit for you. I was honestly hopeless and slightly lost in terms of the entire process, but MACES completely changed that and brought ample opportunities for me. I definitely recommend MACES to anyone who is trying to go overseas for their studies.

    Charu Ansari
    • Charu Ansari
    • Coventry University
  • Hats off to Maces !!! they performed well together as a team helping me secure a place in UNMC.......apart from the VAL delay everything went quiet well...they have been extremely supportive throughout especially Asik keep up the good work Maces team......

    Ismail Wazir Shihab
    • Ismail Wazir Shihab
    • University of Nottingham
  • Great place ... they helped me so much with my visa and specially the documents for it. The people there are really friendly and helpful. I can highly recommend MACES to those who are travelling to UK for their studies. The best you could go for.

    Madhavi Senarathna
    • Madhavi Senarathna
    • Unuversity of the West of England Bristol

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