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    we care for you

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  • Keep up the good work MACES

    Sana Rahman
    • Sana Rahman
  • MACES is a name entitled as a highly professional entity

    Farid Faisal Chowdhury
    • Farid Faisal Chowdhury
  • It would have been really difficult without your support

    Sunehera Sarwat
    • Sunehera Sarwat
    • University of Nottingham
  • the people are really friendly and provide great service

    Mahathir Md Irkan
    • Mahathir Md Irkan
    • Coventry University
  • Usually we think such agencies are not trustworthy but this one right here changed my perception.… I just knew I could trust them.

    Maliha Rahanaz
    • Maliha Rahanaz
    • University of Nottingham
  • MACES is one of the leading consultant in Bangladesh, they help students to choose the right pathway which allows to build up a successful career.

    Rafi Alam
    • Rafi Alam
  • At the very beginning, I didn't have a good opinion about the education consultancies and institutes in Bangladesh, since I have seen and heard many bad reviews and visited some horrendous institutions myself and had a fairly bad impression about all of them. Then someone recommended MACES to me and I was quite reluctant but decided to give it a shot and I think it was one of the best decisions I have made till now. They checked all my boxes starting from environment, behavior, enthusiasm, hard work and dedication. As a student, I didn't have much idea about the universities and the application process looked like a really big hassle to me but they made it look so easy and simple, helping me look for the perfect university and the perfect scholarship. Hats off they did it brilliantly and efficiently. Had a fantastic experience with them and I strongly recommend them for anyone trying to do their higher studies abroad, trust me you are going to love it.

    Ashiqur Rahman
    • Ashiqur Rahman
    • Oregon State University
  • The services are extremely helpful and informative. Not only do they thoroughly help but they also let us know what needs to be done beforehand in order to be organised and prepare for certain deadlines. All the members are also very friendly.

    Wasif Siddiqui
    • Wasif Siddiqui
    • Coventry University
  • A big thanks to MACES for being there beside me and my friend. Thank you for all your support, counseling and guidance. You made our dreams come true! Especial Thanks to Rouham Bhaiya and Asik Bhaiya.

    Zarin Tasnim Gias
    • Zarin Tasnim Gias
    • University of Nottingham
  • Great place and the people are really friendly and provide great service! Great stuff!

    Mahathir Md Irkan
    • Mahathir Md Irkan
    • Coventry University
  • I'm now studying at a top 5 university in England with full scholarship, monthly stipend, round trip airfare, study travel allowance, thesis grant and even warm clothing allowance! If you want something similar, go to MACES

    Shirazoom Munira
    • Shirazoom Munira
  • I would definitely recommend MACES if anybdy want to study abroad. The service here is wonderful. Best of luck MACES.

    Tahmina Amin
    • Tahmina Amin
    • Kingston University
  • Probably one of the best agencies so far! They are really helpful and friendly and they actually care about your future goals!

    Adnan Talukdar
    • Adnan Talukdar
    • Taylor’s University
  • When I first inquired about counselling, I thought MACES was one of those shady student counselling organisations. But after employing their services, to my amazement they are undoubtedly one of the best organisations out there. They actually know what they are doing. For any students who wants to study abroad, they are your one stop, top notch guide. And it's just not an institution that will just counsel you and leave it be. They are committed to see through the whole logistics of the application process. I am just glad I found them at the right time. It only took me a month to get everything done.  

    Ahnauf Tahmid
    • Ahnauf Tahmid
    • City University London
  • I had never imagined my life to take such a drastic turn! During my high school days I always wondered how my university life would turn out to be. And now when I think of it, I am currently in my 3rd year at APU and have received numerous scholarships so far making my parents proud. I am ever grateful to MACES which is undoubtedly the most helpful educational consultancy firm I have come across so far in Bangladesh. Super transparency with their work and genuine concern for its client students makes MACES the best place to go for anyone who is pondering about his/her future. Cheers MACES! Keep supporting the students.

    Shihabun Sakib
    • Shihabun Sakib
    • Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU)
  • It was a life-long dream of mine to come to study in USA for my higher education. MACES is the one who helped me to fulfill that dream. In my opinion, MACES is the best educational consultancy in Bangladesh. They have partner institutions in many countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia and Japan. MACES works faster than any other agency. I am really very thankful to Rouham Bhaia and Amena Apu for helping me apply to one of the best colleges in USA - Florida Atlantic University. After coming here I also gave information about MACES to some of my other friends. They are already on their way to apply abroad with the help of MACES. They help the students with each and every single thing when applying. So therefore, I want to say that for all the students who are wishing to apply abroad, MACES will be the best option for you.

    Shayok Ukil
    • Shayok Ukil
    • Florida Atlantic University
  • I'd recommend MACES to those people who are especially planning to go to UK. They deal with some great universities in the world. And guess what it's free!!!

    Muhtasim Ali
    • Muhtasim Ali
    • City University London
  • Good and friendly service from the MACES team 

    Serajul Haque
    • Serajul Haque
    • University of Surrey
  • Hats off to Maces !!! they performed well together as a team helping me secure a place in UNMC.......apart from the VAL delay everything went quiet well...they have been extremely supportive throughout especially Asik keep up the good work Maces team......

    Ismail Wazir Shihab
    • Ismail Wazir Shihab
    • University of Nottingham
  • ... I have to thank MACES for their support. Because of them I didn't have to worry about a single thing, starting from securing an offer to the complex visa procedure, MACES has been beside me throughout and the best part is they didn't even a charge a dime from me for all this support. This essentially meant that I could concentrate on my exams and studies without having to worry about anything at all. MACES has been really professional in terms of their services and I would gladly recommend any prospective student who wants to study abroad to take their services.  

    Lubab Munir
    • Lubab Munir
    • Unuversity of the West of England Bristol

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